215 People's Alliance

215 People’s Alliance (215PA) is a multi-racial, membership-based collective dedicated to building poor and working-class solidarity, equity, and justice in Philadelphia’s Black, Brown, immigrant, and white communities through immediate calls to action, community education, solidarity sharing, and long-term individual and community capacity-building. We are parents and neighbors, teachers and students, union members and block captains, cab drivers and cashiers working to unite a broad sector of Philadelphians at the ballot box and in the streets.

Power to the People

Paid Sick Leave

Leading Campaign

Emergency Paid Leave

Councilmember Kendra Brooks is putting forward another COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave bill! As it stands right now, this bill (#22051) would allow workers to take up to 40 hours of paid leave, which would be available for use immediately to recover from COVID-19 or care for a sick family member if they work in a business with 10 or more employees. This is different from the city’s paid sick leave law that requires time to be accrued. The public hearing is February 14th at 1pm. In addition to potentially being a (small) win for workers, this could also be an important opportunity to let a lot of potential mayoral candidates know who we are and what our demands are. We need to let city council and the mayor know that we want to push this forward!

In these challenging times, we all need to do our part to defend and expand the rights of our communities. Philly We Rise, powered by our sister organization 215 People’s Alliance Education Fund, is a hub for taking action on your block, in your neighborhood, in your community, for the world we all deserve. Visit the Philly We Rise website to sign up for Philly We Rise’s action events newsletter and submit your events for promotion. Philly We Rise is independent of any political party or affiliation.

Updates & News

Endorsements for the May 17th Primary

Primary Election Day is just over a week away and we are excited to announce that our Steering Committee has made the following endorsements for

Paid Sick Leave

215PA Campaigns Behind Paid Sick Leave Bill

In recent months, the Comite de Trabajador@s Inmigrantes group of 215 People’s Alliance has worked with other organizations, including the Coalition for Restaurant Health (CRSH),


Philadelphia City Commissioners

215 People’s Alliance is joining with the Pennsylvania Working Families Party to demand that Mayor Jim Kenney and the City Council appoint and confirm a