Building Electoral Power at the Ballot Box

215 People’s Alliance electoral efforts are based on our goal of
organizing and building people power, through the collective strength of our neighborhoods and communities. We need elected officials that put racial justice and the needs of the people over the interests of big corporations and the wealthy.

2020 General Election

This November we need to make sure Donald Trump is a one term president. We’re talking to voters, asking them to vote for Joe Biden for President so that we can continue fighting for the policies we know address the problems our communities face. Policies like Medicare-for-All, a Living Wage and Labor Rights, Green New Deal that lift up families of all races and backgrounds, which work to end discrimination and exclusion, and make our communities stronger for everyone – not just the rich.

We don’t believe any elected leader will save us, so after Election Day we will continue to organize for the long haul and fighting for our community’s health, work, housing, education, and safety.