Apply to be a Field Organizer with 215PA this Spring

215 People’s Alliance is a multiracial organization dedicated to fighting for equity and justice in Philadelphia at the ballot box, and in the streets. Since hiring staff in the Fall of 2016, 215 People’s Alliance has been active in multiple campaigns, including the Our City Our Schools campaign to regain local control of the schools, […]

Apply to be an Organizing Director for 215 People’s Alliance

215 People’s Alliance is a volunteer-led multiracial organization dedicated to fighting for equity and justice in Philadelphia at the ballot box, and in the streets. After a few short years 215 People’s Alliance has helped win a number of crucial campaigns in the Philadelphia area. We anchored the Our City Our Schools campaign to regain […]

The Record Behind the Rhetoric

Philly Power Research, a group of volunteer researchers, has released a report called “The Record Behind the Rhetoric: A Guide to the Philly DA Democratic Primary,” breaking down the backgrounds of each of the seven Democratic candidates for district attorney, their backers and their donors.   The 2017 DA primary has swung left in response […]

215 People’s Alliance Endorses Larry Krasner

We know that elected officials don’t change the system — we do. It’s our popular protest and organizing that changes our political system and holds politicians accountable. But our work is much more effective when we have people in office who already feel accountable to us. That’s why 215 People’s Alliance is proud to endorse […]

Why We Need to Abolish the SRC and Fight For An Elected School Board

Every community in Pennsylvania elects a school board to oversee the education of its children except one – Philadelphia.   Fifteen years ago a predominantly white, rural legislature decided that Philadelphia, a city in which the majority is black and brown, could not properly run its schools and took away local control.   In the manner of […]

215PA Campaign Organizer & Field Organizer Job Call

215 People’s Alliance is hiring a full-time contract Campaign Organizer to support an innovative public education campaign.  Please read below for details. 215PA is a multiracial collaborative dedicated to fighting for equity and justice in Philadelphia at the ballot box, and in the streets. We are parents and neighbors, teachers and students, union members and block […]

There’s no staying home for the most important PA election of the century

November 3rd is the most important election of the century?  A pretty wild exaggeration isn’t it? Actually, no; if anything, maybe it’s an understatement.  Here’s the deal. There are three seats that will be filled on the PA Supreme Court on November 3rd to join the two Democratic and two Republican holdovers. The result will […]

Should billionaires choose Philly’s next mayor?

Joel Greenberg, Jeff Yass, and Arthur Dantchik, the partners of the Susquehanna International Group (SIG), spent six million dollars in 2010 to get Anthony Hardy Williams elected Governor. Now they want to make him Mayor. Their PAC, American Cities, has spent over a million dollars on TV ads with more coming to put Williams in […]

Why the 215 People’s Alliance?

Philadelphia sits at a crossroads. On one hand, in recent years the city has begun to see population growth, after decades of decline. We’re also seeing new businesses come in, as well as a growing immigrant community. In the same moment that Philadelphia sees what some believe to be an economic and cultural “renewal,” the […]

Richard Negrin

Resume Philly DA’s Office, 1995-2000 Aramark, 2005-2009 – Aramark is a corporation providing food, uniforms, and facilities to various entities, including prisons and ICE detention centers. Philadelphia Board of Ethics, 2006-2009 Philadelphia Managing Director, 2010-2016 Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, 2016 – Present Notable Events and Controversies Richard Negrin was 13 when his father […]